Where All Ends Meet the Same.

How will you live yours?

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 Where All Ends Meet the Same.

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Where All Ends Meet the Same. Empty
PostSubject: Where All Ends Meet the Same.   Where All Ends Meet the Same. Icon_minitimeOctober 16th 2014, 1:17 am

The swamp was the place where all ends would meet. It was the place where all oddities, all strange souls, all simpletons -- All of them would meet in that very spot. It was the spot that Arcaviouse, prince -- heir -- to a throne that was overthrown and broken up long ago stood, shoulders broad, eyes scouring the land that faced ahead of him, ears twitched backward, and paws firmly placed upon the wet soil with a confident look. Every tiny, invisible animal watched him, waiting for him to speak the words that echoed of their rebellion against the evil society that had slowly grew into a dark shadow that stretched across most of the land.

In that very swamp, in that mere moment of peace and quiet, Arcaviouse felt let a king. He felt as if he could do anything and that he was finally in control of his life. He was finally what he was destined to be at birth! He wasn't just some lonely old man who wandered around the land with a grim look upon his face... He was a king, an emperor, a ruler over his very own Empire. And his queen? The face he sees in everybody. His long-lost love.

But that, rather unfortunately, was a fantasy and always would be ever since his father's disappearance and his mother's death. He would never be who he was meant to be. He would never be a mighty king. He would never own reign over anything... He'd be useless as always. He'd be someone who rested upon the beach, looking out at the ocean, contemplating speaking with the trees once more to see if they would allow of him a drink from their thirst-quenching river. He'd be that psychotic soul that couldn't matter any less than he already did.

His paws sunk further into the soaked ground as he stood in silence, contemplating his thoughts. Nothing but reality had brought the masculine back from his fantasy life.
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Where All Ends Meet the Same.
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