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PostSubject: Main site rules   Main site rules Icon_minitimeOctober 15th 2013, 3:54 pm

Blue: General courtesy and knowledge.  Does not impact your warning level.
Green: You get three warnings, each of which add 25% to your warning level. If you break one of these rules a fourth time, having 100% in your warning level, you will be suspended.
Orange: You get one warning, which will add 50% to your warning level. If you break one of these rules a second time, having 100% in your warning level, you will be suspended.
Red: You get no warnings.  If you break any of these rules, even once, you automatically get a 100% warning level and are suspended.  If the process is repeated, you will be permanently banned. No exceptions.

  1. If two wolves are in the same place, they should either have a separate color or a title at the start of their point of view for each different wolf you play.
  2. If you become inactive in role playing, other members are advised to just keep going without you. Basically, your wolf will disappear until you start it back up.  You may only start it back up in the same thread if given permission by other members. Otherwise, take it somewhere else.
  3. If your wolf owns a territory, you must remain active. After one month of no activity, the territory will be put up for grabs once again unless you say that you will be gone in the Away board. However, so long as some of the pack members remain active and post in the territory it will remain claimed, regardless of Alpha activity.
  4. No spamming. As a general rule of thumb, if your message has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, you probably shouldn't post it.
  5. Do not power play. Power playing is controlling another user's character without their permission. This is usually done in fights when someone is attacking, and instead of waiting, they go ahead and say they hit them.
  6. Do not god-mod. This is when you are making your character superior to all others, such as being overly strong, smart, or otherwise overpowered compared to all other characters.
  7. You must wait for your character to be approved by an admin before role playing it.
  8. Liquid time is allowed to an extent. Liquid time is having a character be in multiple topics at once. A character on Wolf Life may be in a maximum of two topics.
  9. Do not double post unless absolutely necessary.
  10. You may only have one claimed territory. If one of your wolves has a territory claimed, none of your other wolves may make a claim of their own.
  11. Your characters cannot have any fantastical abilities. This includes wings, super strength, invincibility, and so on. This warning both applies to new characters and characters already being role played (e.g. the abilities suddenly appear on your character).
  12. Respect other users. This doesn't only apply to the staff, but every single member here. If you don't respect someone, they probably won't respect you, and we want friends here, not enemies.
  13. Ask permission from a staff member before adding a hunter or a temporary wolf into your topic. You'll most likely be approved, but it varies from place to place.
  14. You may only have one account. If you would like to change your username, contact a staff member saying so and we will do it for you.
  15. Do not kill another member's character without permission.
  16. Keep swearing to a minimum. We don't care if you swear once in a while, but when it gets to the point that you have sentence after sentence full of swearing, it's out of hand. The heaviest you may use is "ass" and "shit." If you are unsure of a word's intensity, contact a staff member. Other words may be used, but they should not be of any higher intensity than those listed. Please keep in mind the younger players and those who do not appreciate such language when you are role playing with them.
  17. No pornography, whether it be in pictures, videos or other forms of media. This also includes adding excessive sexual content in your role playing. Even heavy hinting can be inappropriate around younger players or those who do not like such content. Keep it mild, please.
  18. Do not flame other members.  This includes threatening them, general harassment and bullying.

A warning of any color except red will first be given unofficially. A second in will result in an addition to your warning level. A warning of any color will be removed after one month, excluding suspensions (those vary) and bannings (permanent). If you get suspended three times, you are automatically perma-banned.

If you see anyone who has broken a rule and has not yet been dealt with, the staff of Wolf Life encourage you to report the post so that we may find and handle it accordingly. Thank you!

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Main site rules
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