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PostSubject: Raiden   Raiden Icon_minitimeAugust 14th 2016, 12:25 am

Name:Raiden (Rie-Den)
Strength:Calm, Relaxed, Sensitive, Friendly
Weakness: Too Trusting, Quiet,Doesn't Speak his mind if he fears it will hurt someone
Pelt Color: Shiny, pitch black, long, thick, soft fur.
Markings: Reversed silver and white saddle markings (will be shown in picture)
Eye color: Multiple blue hues.
Personality: Raiden is a very sweet child with a big heart, he has no interest in rolling around in the mud or tackling his siblings. He would rather play with the water or try and get the high up leaves from trees or watch the bees landing on the flowers. He is a very sweet child and always has a big heart for everything around him he often gets very close and attached very quickly and this can lead to issues among his relationships he is often clingy too. Once you have earned his trust and have proven to be a great friend you will have a warrior and friend for life in him.
Other: He is barely leaving the nest and beginning to explore for the first time, he will not be looking for a mate for quite some time his current age is 1 year 6 months. He Is the descendant of Night Shadows adopted daughter Solo, Solo is is grandmother. I will post a family tree just to get more in-depth :D
Picture(s): I will be posting a picture soon!
Human or Wolf: Wolf ^^

Im so happy to finally be back and to be ready to roleplay with you guys! I hope to have many more adventures!
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PostSubject: Re: Raiden   Raiden Icon_minitimeAugust 16th 2016, 3:50 pm

Hello there! Your biography is accepted! Sorry for not getting around to accepting it sooner!
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