Shrouding Mist....

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 Shrouding Mist....

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Shrouding Mist.... Empty
PostSubject: Shrouding Mist....   Shrouding Mist.... Icon_minitimeDecember 14th 2011, 6:53 pm

A grey mist surrounded the shoreline area, creating an eerie sheath over the beautiful place. The salty air kissed the demoness as she loped along, lithe body contracting with every other step; fores and hinds creating pawprints in the sugary sand as she went, the stiff limp in her right hind barely visible in the seamless gait. The fae had a derma that clung close to her muscular yet lanky frame in some places and flowed off it like lengths of ribbon in others, creating a dramatic look above all.In the dim light of the shrouding mist, the windows to her soul seemed to glow, their complex hues dancing off the dewdrops of the foamy waves that licked the shore.

With a snort, the mistress slowed, pausing to a complete stop. Her chest rose and fell with even breaths, not revealing any slight sign of fatigue. Her stature was tall and relaxed as she parted her jaws to taste the air, enamels gleaming in the soft, pale moonlight. Her nares twitched once, twice, thrice....nothing but the cool ocean air penetrated her senses. She remained in a standing position, tassle swishing slowly from side to side with the rythm of the breeze and disturbing the grains of sand under-foot.

"Umpe," She uttered, the native word for water touching her lips gently before floating off with the wind. With one last look about her, she started off again, and soon enough the mist swallowed her whole.
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Shrouding Mist....
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